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Anna & Rolando's Künstlergespräch

The Austrian radio channel Ö1 is broadcasting last month's interview from the Staatsoper tomorrow, December 3rd 2006 at 15:06 (Central European time, I guess).

It was a very cute discussion, so I'm hoping someone gets to hear it (and maybe even record it?).
(<--more info.) Most of the interview is in German - Rolando being the linguistic genius that he is ("He's very smart," says Anna somewhere along the line) but Anna answers all questions in English.

myvoicewithin and I were lucky enough to attend this event, and I was given some photographs by a friend of ours, Philip, bless him.

(This is moments before Netrebko noticed the "sparkly effect" her award had. Cue some fooling around.)
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The station has webradio, so, on principal, it is possible to save in mp3.
If I able to locate a link tomorrow, I'll try but don't want to promise anything, because I am not very good at it. The time difference and ignorance of German language are not in my favour though.
Both of you, you and Melanie, are zoloto! :):)
Thank you, but you are even more so (especially if you're able to rip the broadcast ;-). ♥
Ich liebe Philip! Ganz offen und ehrlich!

Und wie hübsch die zwei doch waren!
I'll do my best to rip the broadcast too. If several of us do this, I imagine we'll have some luck.

And those are great pictures!



December 12 2006, 21:00:20 UTC 10 years ago

Is this the same one I tried so uselessly to translate?